Financial and tax due diligence

Financial and tax due diligence

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Financial and tax due diligence

Financial due diligence is a financial analysis of a company’s (that is an object of investment) operations that is performed on behalf of a potential investor, or as a part of preparation to its involvement in order to have an objective view regarding an object of investment.
Tax due diligence is an assessment of business taxation that includes current taxation, correctness of tax reporting, assessment of tax risks in company’s operations, including assessment of the compliance of tax accruals in terms of amounts and terms with the requirements of tax legislation.

The purpose of this analysis to investigate current financial position of the company under analysis and its ability to continue as a going concern in the nearest future based on historical data analysis.

Financial and tax due diligence allows a user to obtain a comprehensive information to make a decision regarding:

  • Acquisition or sale of business;
  • Restructuring;
  • Opening of a joint venture;
  • Lending a loan.

Who needs financial and tax due diligence:

  • Strategic investor who intends to investigate a potential investment object;
  • A business vendor who intends to enter into an agreement at an optimum price;
  • Credit institution for investigation of financial capacity of a potential borrower.

What we offer:

  • Financial due diligence
  • Tax due diligence
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